Behind the Camera

As a young, newly married woman, I was working as a special education teacher and desperately hoping for a baby of my own. Our fertility struggles put us through the wringer, and it could have ended up in despair, but instead we found hope. After the miracle of our rainbow daughter’s birth, I decided to stay home with her. It was then that I found my passion for photography. My decision to pick up a camera to capture my daughter’s first moments, and every moment since, has put me on a path I never imagined. I have poured my heart, my soul, and my love into learning and executing perfectly simple photography. It is my goal to capture the moments you will look back and smile, reminiscing over tiny toes, wedding day jitters, or even how HARD it was (but how worth it!) to get that perfect family photo.

Looking through the camera, I see the beauty and love pouring out from each family, even when family photos stress you out. I see the love in a couple’s eyes on their wedding day, even though they are sweating from nerves and on the verge of tears all day. I see the miracle of life, something I don’t take for granted, in a new baby as they make their grand debut into this world.

I capture the moments you never want to pass. I am more than a photographer to my clients. I have become a friend and confidante, and I am here to help you create any message you can dream up. Never lose the sense of wonder you feel in those moments. And never, ever give up hope.





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Photo credit: Brittany P. Photography